July 20, 2016
Memphis NITC 2016. Powerful!

Let me first say thank you to Takeisha Berry Brooks, founder and face of Naturals in the City 2016 she is so gracious and FLY each year she puts together the most amazing team of woman that assist with making this event possible. Everything about it was FLY. From the Little Miss Natural Cuties to the Fashion Show and the exercise demo that kept the energy high in the room.

Naturally Fly had a line of women and children alike waiting to experience the exfoliation demo. Needless to say we Honey Punched so many beautiful women that day my heart sang a good song!! It is our goal to change the way people treat their skin, we want you to love on your skin! Naturally Fly was excited to be apart of the 5 year celebration with all the beautiful natural women of Memphis, TN. They showed us so much love. The energy in the room perfectly reflected everything that is Naturally Fly about the Memphis community. Which is why we had to come back this year and share our body butters and salt scrubs.

It didn’t end there. Sunday was the most amazing and emotional empowerment brunch. The house was packed, at Jay Etkin Gallery, located 942 S Cooper St. There was a tribe of natural women so breathtaking, I was moved to tears, so prideful. The discussions were heartfelt and real. We talked candidly about oversaturation, finding your peace and balancing motherhood with running a successful business. NITC 2016 you did that!

Follow us to see when we are in your city or close enough for you to make the drive, You have to come get honey punched!

Naturally Fly