July 13, 2016
Essence Weekend! New Orleans

NOLA, what can I say, the heat is very real down there!! I had to shower at least twice a day, constantly reaching for my Honey Punch to re-hydrate my skin after all those showers. We were not prepared for that but none the less the people were amazing and had a friendly flare despite the heat. We had to be coached with beat the heat tips from the some of the locals. THANK YOU for that NOLA!!!

The experience was crazy from the moment the doors opened until they closed. We were flooded with enthusiasm to get to know a little more about Naturally Fly. All day long we shared to the point of needing a cough drop/throat lozenger in the middle of July. I would say it was an eventful weekend from getting stuck in the elevator (drop us a comment below if you want to here more about that story) to fireworks on the riverboat and the variety of bands off Frenchmen St. We definitely had a memorable experience!!


Naturally Fly